Health, dental, vision and "Obamacare"

On March 23, 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) -also known as Obamacare -, was signed into law by President Barack Obama. This marked a historic change and a complete overhaul of the HealthCare in the US.


Let's not get into politics and simply focus in understanding the law and the what we are here for: INSURANCE.


The law is designed with the purpose of making health insurance affordable to everyone. Gradually sets credits that help reduce the burden of paying for health insurance (if purchased through the Marketplace, for individuals who are not offered insurance by the employer). It also establishes certain health benefits that are mandatory for plans to be considered in compliance (such as preventative care, vaccinations, inmunizations, birth control, medical screening not subject to copayments), allows young adults to be included under their parents policy, elliminates the cap in benefits paid under a policy, elliminates the pre-existing conditions as a reason to be denied insurance, and forbids to charge different to individuals within the same age (only with the implementation of tobacco rates).


The PPACA also creates metallic plans to identify the portion of financial responsibility for the insured and the insurer. It also caps the Out of Pocket expenses and establishes maximum deductibles per plan and individual. Once both have been met, the insurer is to pay 100% of the cost associated with health expenses incurred by the insured WITHOUT LIMITS. The same law stipulates there is a fine for those individuals who go without insurance more than 3 months in a year (see Income Tax for more details)


In Utah only, if the there is an employer-offered plan, the State can help pay for the dependants and spouse's premium paid in the employer sponsored plan. Please go to (Information also available in Spanish INFORMACION EN ESPAÑOL DISPONIBLE)


We can help navigate or look for your choices. WE offer this service at NO CHARGE. We are licensed in the States of Utah and Nevada. So come to us, we are knowledgeable of the plans available in the Marketplace.


Open enrollment starts from November 15 until February 15 of each year. After this time, there is no chance to obtain health insurance unless a Special Enrollment Period exception is met. So please do not hesitate, avoid a tax penalty, and give us a call. Believe it or not, with all the credits available, and contrary to the common myth, health insurance is now affordable. It's all about opting for the right plan. One night at the hospital can cost a lot more than year-round payments.



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